I want to help

Sometimes we have to manage very difficult situations, like when a cat’s tutor dies or gets ill and cannot take care of the pet any longer. If there 2 or 3 cats, it is still not a big problem for the Foundation, but if it is necessary to give a shelter to as much as 20 cats, it becomes an impossible task. That is why we ask you for help through offering temporary homes to our cats.
This solution provides us some time in order to find them a proper home.

All cats passed by us to temporary homes have been always examined by a vet in order to diagnose the condition of a cat and order a treatment if necessary.

Transport is the next issue. People active in the Foundation usually have their own jobs, and it is very difficult to reconcile working hours and cats’ visits to the vet. So, if your working hours are flexible, we ask you for help. It would be a huge relief for us if you could help us get the cats to the right place, as very often people cooperating with us do not have vehicles and taking animals to the clinic is simply too hard for them.
We will be also grateful for any quantity of cat food, no matter if canned, dry, good or bad quality. Homeless cats are not choosy, and they eat whatever they get. They are just glad NOT to be hungry.

If you might be interested in supporting our Foundation financially, please remember our account number:


89 8784 0003 2001 0001 0155 0001

APPEAL If you have any old rabbit or cat cages, animal bowls, blankets, containers or anything you think might be of use for us, we ask you not to throw it away – just please contact us. We would be grateful for any kind of help. We promise we would contact you back in a short time.